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ASOTU Podcast

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Bobby Gaudreau, brings Activator's expertise to the forefront in this episode of Auto Collabs, hosted by ASOTU. Join Bobby and the ASOTU team for an in-depth exploration of automotive data management.

Webinar - Activator + Equifax

How to Gain Additional Insights Into Your Customer's Spending Power. Hosted by AutoSuccess.

Tempe DCJR Case Study

Discover how Tempe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram (DCJR) revolutionized its marketing and customer engagement.

Tempe DCJR Video Case Study

Mike Purtle, Service Manager at Tempe DCJR, delves into the secrets behind their remarkable success.

Driving Success - Activator's Guide to Evolving Dealership Marketing

What's Inside

  • Discover potential leads by identifying handraisers.
  • Ensure your content creation adheres to best practices with our free checklist.
  • Receive valuable content marketing tips.
  • Track the effectiveness of your marketing strategy with the latest technology scorecard.
Custom Campaigns

Learn how Custom Campaigns are created and executed with our Journey Builder powered with Salesforce. This strategy introduces multiple touchpoints across email and SMS, driving engagement and on-demand handraisers based on individual dealer goals.

Custom Campaigns

Learn how our seasoned Dealer Success Consultants collaborate closely with dealerships to drive engagement, handraisers, and sales.

Webinar - Unlock Your Data

How Unlocking the Value of Your Data: Don't let it go to waste. Presented by Bobby Gaudreau and hosted by Driving Sales. This webinar dives into why data becomes trapped and its consequences and explores a transformative solution.

Handraisers: The Key to Customer Engagement Success in the Automotive Industry

Inside our latest eBook:

  • Stats-04 Learn about strategies and tactics to effectively engage with handraisers.
  • Stats-04 Discover why customer engagement is crucial for dealerships.
  • Stats-04 Delve deeper into identifying who handraisers are, their behavior, and why they are critical to the sales funnel.
Lodi Honda Case Study

How Activator enabled comprehensive customer profiles using their hybrid Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Multichannel Journey Builder.

Lodi Honda Video

Branden Moy, Lodi Honda's GM, talks about Activator's impact on the auto industry.

The Evolution of Automotive Marketing

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A Clearer Picture of Your Customer: Handraiser

Handraisers: Past customers who have shown a strong interest in buying a vehicle, selling a vehicle, or scheduling a service appointment. These prioritized, high-value equity leads ensure your sales team always works with the most promising prospects. In fact, Activator's Top 20 dealers see an average of 48 handraisers a month. Learn more.

Evolving Equity: A Competitive Analysis

While standalone equity solutions might do a good job, there is a more comprehensive approach that can generate even better results. Download our latest competitive analysis to learn the difference between standalone equity and Activator’s hybrid CDP and Multichannel Journey Builder.

Activator Overview

Stay ahead of changing industry conditions with a solution that provides a clearer picture of your customers and builds reliable marketing you can trust. Choose Activator today and transform your dealership’s marketing strategies into data-driven, personalized journeys that elevate customer experiences and drive long-term success. Download the overview to learn how.

How to Master the Art of Dealership Content Marketing

Drive more sales for your dealership by enhancing your content marketing and customer engagement tactics. This free webinar will cover topics such as:

  • Identifying and understanding your ideal customer
  • Crafting purposeful storytelling for all marketing funnel stages
  • Creating clear and persuasive calls-to-action
Increase Profits with End of Lease Customer Journeys

Traditional marketing consists primarily of email and doesn’t consider the customer’s journey, lifecycle stage, or method of engagement. Keep your dealership from falling behind due to an inability to pivot and grow with your customer’s needs. Download the lease journey to learn more.

How to improve the customer experience with a CDP

Watch Bobby Gaudreau as he takes you through how to improve the customer experience and keep customers engaged with a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Learn how a CDP can unify first-party and behavioral data to maximize your dealership's marketing, identifying high-intention buyers and targeting them across multiple channels to purchase their next vehicle.

Mail Pro

Send highly targeted offers with equity, buyback, and service messaging to maximize revenue. Quantities are scalable across six different target groups based on your dealership’s goals and available customer data to keep customers loyal for life. Download the product sheet below to learn more.

Thinking Beyond Equity for New and Used Car Sales Webinar

Watch Bobby Gaudreau, VP of Sales & Marketing at Activator Dealer Solutions, talk about how to:

  • Think beyond equity offers and messaging when there are fewer cars on the lot with a proactive pre-order strategy
  • Find, engage, and grow your customer retention for both sales and service
  • Focus on relevant messaging to give customers and prospects more reasons to purchase from you